8 bit ok computer download

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8 bit ok computer

OK Computer 8-bit by quin kiu (quinton sung), released 20 May 1. Airbag (8 -bit) 2. Paranoid Android (8-bit) 3. Subterranean Homesick Alien (8-bit) 4. An 8-bit rendition of Kid A in its entirety was completed last month, and now classic OK Computer is available from start to finish. Composer/geek Quinton Song has created full-length, 8-bit versions of Radiohead's two most monolithic records, OK Computer and Kid A.

Ever listen to Radiohead's Kid A or OK Computer and thought, "I wonder what this would sound like as 8-bit Atari or Nintendo music?" Probably. An ambitious YouTube user has re-made two of Radiohead's best albums as 8- bit soundtracks. Thanks to.

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