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Datazen microsoft

Access enterprise data through your mobile device quickly, effectively and securely. Datazen for Windows Phone allows you to connect to a Datazen Server and. Datazen Publisher for Windows 7 allows you to create stunning data visualizations from Excel, SQL Server, SSAS, SQL Azure, SharePoint and. There are some fantastic features in Microsoft's recent Datazen acquisition, here are five compelling reasons try it now.

Power BI and Datazen are two tools that Microsoft offers to enable Mobile BI and Dashboarding for your BI solution. Guaranteed to generate the. Datazen, which launched about three years ago, allows businesses to create mobile dashboards from data in Microsoft Excel, but also from. So last year Microsoft acquired a company called Datazen, which was known for its enterprise solution for in reality mobile reporting. Their core.

Microsoft has officially killed the independent DataZen product stack with most of its features now incorporated into SQL Server , SQL. Solved: What ever happened to the exciting Datazen aquisition?. Datazen Software is an industry leader in mobile business intelligence and data Acquired by. Microsoft. CB Rank (Company). 87, Datazen Software.

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