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Sonarqube rules

Security Hotspot rules are purposefully designed to draw attention to code is security-sensitive. It is expected that more than 80% of the issues. Before implementing a new coding rule, you should consider whether it is specific to your own context or might benefit others. If it might benefit. These are the guidelines that SonarSource uses internally to specify new rules. Rules in community plugins are not required to adhere to these.

You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. SonarSource Rules Explorer. LANGUAGES. ABAP · C · C++ Welcome to the SonarSource Rules Explorer. SonarJava has a great coverage of well-established quality standards. chain for automated code review with self-hosted SonarQube or on-line SonarCloud. Shows how to bootstrap a project to write custom rules for Java, JS, PHP, Cobol, RPG - SonarSource/sonar-custom-rules-examples.

Writing custom rules for SonarPython using java is not supported. Currently there's no initiative to enable it. But if the rules are not specific to. This project will use open source sonar plugins, rules, as well as other open source plugins especially FindSecBugs and its security rules. This blog post shows how to create and deploy a custom SonarQube rule to validate Azure Resource Manager templates. The SonarQube documentation wiki indicates the version of CWE used: http://

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